Wrong Total Paypal After Update To 4.7.4


after updating to 4.7.4 the wrong total appears in new PayPal orders. Now the total equals to surcharge amount. Although the amount sent to PayPal is correct. It was working ok in 4.7.3

Anyone has the same issue?

Temporary I had to comment this line to get the right total amount

//list($order_id, ) = fn_update_order($cart, $order_id);

We faced similar issues with old CS-Cart versions. But support team said that it works as designed. Lol

Try to post issue to the bug tracker to receive official answer

Sure, PayPal is very sensetive to unusual settings. Probably the surcharge is there also by mistake. But for the rest works as designed. LOL.

I will post the issue to the bug tracker. Let's see what they answer.

In 4.8.1 changelogs says:

Add-ons: PayPal payments: Cart recalculation no longer happens during the processing of Instant Payment Notifications.

I checked and list($order_id, ) = fn_update_order($cart, $order_id); does not exist anymore.

From the other hand the status of this bug is under "Awaiting feedback" status. Is it really fixed in 4.8.1 or not?

Has someone already tested if PayPal works fine under 4.8.1?

It can be confirmed that the calculation part for PayPal payment method in version 4.8.1 is working fine.

But now there is another issue, sometimes the orders paid with PayPal are finished in Incomplete status, meaning that firstly everything goes fine and the order gets Processed status but for some reason afterwords it becomes to Incomplete although the transaction is OK (payment received).

Any idea why it may happen?

Im having a similar issue regarxing the postage costs.

order shows https://prnt.sc/khqrm8£4.90

Paypal says £3.90


Is it possible the order could have been incomplete and when customer paid again, changed the postage type and paypal didnt update perhaps

Do you use 4.8.1 or up? The prices and info are not updated after payment anymore starting from 4.8.1. That stopped the problem with messed up prices, delivery costs, discounts and totals.

But with PayPal everything is possible! Very sensitive and unstable addon/payment method. But unfortunately needed, since min. 30% of the customers are using it.

Same problem here. Paid orders with PayPal have incompleted status. Any news or solution on this.version 4.6.1

Do you have problems with order totals or paid orders in incomplete status?

As to the order totals the problem was fixed starting from 4.8.1, For paid/incomplete status please check the corresponding thread, and no, it is not solved.

No we don’t have problem with order totals. Only paid-i completed status. Thanks!