Wrong Status On Orders After Upgrade

hi i have upgraded to latest version. But now all new orders are coming in with wrong status. It comes in with status O sent when it should get in as behandles/under treatment status P…

have they canged the letters in status or something. my customers is very disturbed and we can't see whats sent or not if this is not function like it should and I manualy have to change the status for every order.


CS-Cart does not change order status letters…

Status P is set only in 2 cases:

  1. Order is placed via online processor and the payment is successful
  2. Order total is 0

    Possibly your case is #1 and order receives status O for online payments in case of additional verification on payment side for transaction or the transaction is pending.

    Please try this:
  3. recreate all online payments in cs-cart admin panel - possibly some payment configuration was updated badly
  4. if it doesn't help, please contact payment support for assistance

    best regards,

    WSA team

Looks like the issue with PayPal IPN in 4.3.1. Please contact CS-Cart team

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I have an open support ticket for this, but no action so far. Also I am always unhappy being charged support credits for bugs…