Wrong Product Thumbnails Embedded In Status Change Emails

Hi there,

We've noticed a strange thing - product thumbnails embedded in order status emails sent to store admins and clients have thumbnails that seem to vary depending on email client! Eg. they seem correct on gmail, but wrong on iphone mail app (thumbnails of different products are shown there).

From what I remember these images are attached as binary string within emails. Do you guys have any idea about the reason? Maybe these resources should have unique names, otherwise mail clients cache them? It's very strange.


OK, I think it really is an iphone mail app image cache! https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/119129/ios-email-image-caching

In order to fix it the name of the embedded email image file should be random, I guess, or better yet corresponding to the product ID, so that it can be cached if there are multiple emails relating to the same product.