Wrap Your Website Into An Ios And Android App

I have searched this issue long time ago, finally I have found this company, they has the solution, they build a app for iOS and Android, they wrap the web, so if you make some change in the web, the app will be changed too. The result is fantastic! I'm very happy: https://soontechnology.com/

You can also use WebViewGold Template for iOS and Android. This is the iOS version https://codecanyon.net/item/ios-webviewgold-urlhtml-to-ios-app-push-messages/10202150

All required settings are predefined as variables. For example, you can use puch notifications, disable page zoom when pinching, integrate admob, disable force touch on iOS devices. Thus your app looks as a native app. You don't need to hire a company!

You can also use WebViewGold Template for iOS and Android...

Yes, that is a good solution but you need to have a PC and a MAC, and programming knowledge because you have to modify the parameters, compile the code and upload the apps by yourself to your developer account. If you want notifications, also you have to do the process by yourself.

https://soontechnology.com/ does all that work for you.

So, the best option it's up to you.