Wow! I'm no 8 in google and 4 in google UK!

Well, it’s only been a couple weeks since we launched our new website based off cs. I just did a quick search on google to see if I could find the site. To my suprise for the keywords “unsigned mp3” on we are number 8 and we are 4!

I’m very impressed considering we havent really done much in the way of SEO and not using cs’s seo links or anything like that.

Well, now just got to work at keeping it there!

I just wanted to brag about it!

Is it giving any traffic?

The SEO settings wont optimize the mainpage, which is the one that returns in the results. But rather all your subpages which often get left out.

cough link exchange cough lol

congrats for the traffic bud :smiley:

Thanks people, my main aim is to stay there at the moment.

I’m not getting a huge amount of traffic at the moment but the addition of our streaming radio station seems to have made a difference - people appear to be spending more time browsing the site while listening to the radio, it’s great promotion.

6 and 3 for the same keywords now…

Good run bud,

I’ve up the top when it comes to car manufacturer’s and product manufacturers ie falcon (ford) and GMB water pumps ie"falcon gmb"

If only that converted a few sales sniff

Nice one. I’m getting a little bit of traffic from it and a couple sales but nothing huge yet. I’m more interested in new bands.

I’ve heard seo stories of sites getting near to the top when first released then dropping away after a while - fingers crossed that wont happen here!