Would anyone like to be a part of this?

I have asked the support team at CS-Cart to create a pre-order mod that will allow visitors to purchase pre-order status products and back-order status products before they arrive in-stock.

The total cost for the mod is $464. Would anyone like to pay a portion of this and then we can all receive the mod?

Below is a link to view the features of this mod:


It appears that this mod will require that orders be shipped complete. Have you considered the possibility of partial shipments of in-stock items with additional shipments as items come into stock? Of course, this would also affect shipping charges and payment processing.


I might be interested in getting in on this… I am working on getting up to 1.3.5 before I have them start on a mod for me as well.

Okay great. It would be awesome if some more people needed this mod.

Bob - I have not considered the additional features you included above, but that 's a great idea.