Worth Upgrading To 4.0.3?

Hi everyone,

One of my clients is looking to prolongate their upgrade subscription, but I see that CS-Cart is now charging $160 - which is almost double what it used to be ($90). They’re currently on CS-Cart Professional 3.0.6 and interested in upgrading to 4.0.3, but at that price and with the lack of updates and support, I don’t really feel like I can justify the upgrade to them.

For those who have upgraded to v4, is it worth it?

Happy new year! :grin:

4.1 is comming in second half of January 2014 so I guess answer is no.

Depends on the goals of the business and how they look at their site.

Some merchants love to tinker/experiment and others just want a stable platform to work from.

If you want stable and the current version you are using provides for your needs, then don't move, you can purchase the upgrade at a later date (maybe higher cost).

Personally I think the upgrade cost should be fixed at what it was at the time of license purchase. $160/yr maintenance fee on a $350 product is almost a 50% maintenance cost (industry standard is more like 20%).

Some want to live on the edge and others want to run a business.