Worldpay New Header Content Type


I recently received a notification from Worldpay about the http content type that will be changed on 18th August.

My cs-cart is in 4.1.2 and I have opended some pages to check the content type. It is utf-8 , but I don't know if I have to check other part of code.

Somebody can help on this topic ?


Below the email content.


What's changing?

On 18 August 2015 we will start updating the notifications we send you through HTTP.

Your payment processing will not be affected by this update. However, the HTTP content type of your notifications will change as follows:[list]

[]Current: Content-Type: text/html;

]New: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8


The data we send you won't change, and our HTTP version, Trust Level and SSL handshake will all stay the same as they are now.

What you need to do

You should check the content of the header you're currently receiving, and make sure the software you use can accept the new HTTP content type.

We've already made this change in our Secure Test environment, so you can test to make sure this change won't impact you.

CS-Cart will accept new headers without any problems

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CS-Cart will accept new headers without any problems


Thanks, you are always very helpful.

You are welcome!

Are you sure? I am getting failed status today, yet WordPay says the transaction went through ok.

My instal is 4.2.4.