WorldPay - email order confirmation not sent....


We were doing offline credit card processing on our shop. Recently we have chosen to go with RBS ‘WorldPay’ and that works fine as well.

Probelm 1:

Earlier we used to receive order confirmation emails at the customer’s end. But after implementing the ‘WorldPay’ our customers are not receiving order confirmation emails. I have checked our admin area… Orders >> Order Status >> and the ‘Notify Customer’ is ticked already.

Probelm 2:

If the customer goes to ‘WorldPay’ server and does not enter any credit card detais… or changes his mind not to buy and leaves the web site… still the order is placed automatically.

Any body got a solution??? Please help.


I also have the same issue as you with worldpay, I don’t get customer emails sent and also the order is still placed in the admin if someone cancels. Did you manage to find any solutions? I would appreciate any help.