Worked yesterday White today

Anyone know what that could have happend ?

When i went to bed yesterday cs-cart beta worked

When i try today after work i only get white pages on index and admin…

what version Cs-cart You used?

You check you php version. When you run CS-cart 1.3.5 spx on server support PHP 4.x.x —> Index and all pages will blank

You can contact me to support online. I will try do best to help you.

Hi I use the latest beta of cs-cart.

The funny part is that i worked on the site the 3 day in the month the 4 day everything went blank.

everything worked perfectly.

Funny thing my main domain sudenly fell out to with parse error.

I have PHP Version 4.4.9

Just got a message from Host

They say i have had intruders on my site :frowning:

They have tryed injecting java code that would generate redirect away from my site.