Woopra real-time analytics and chat

Is anyone currently using Woopra (woopra.com) analytics? Looks very cool and can track custom user details and events.


I use Woopra for over 1 year and I must say that is the best statistics software I’ve encountered so far, it does everything you can possible think of or need.

I got woopra in the beta testing and for that it was free, as it still remains free untill a certain level of web traffic.

Do you have Woopra configured to capture any user details (name, city, cart contents)?

Woopra gets all that, it’s possible to configurate alerts (for certain pages like check out or when a client searches for something specific, or just when you have a client on the shop for example). It also has dayly, weekly and monthly statistics and reports, geografyc analysis, from what search engines or other sites did they come, what search words or phrases get them there, it has a built in chat support you can use for your clients, grafics…well, I can’t remember anything that you may need that woopra does not have

Can anyone tell me where i might place the code for Woopra to work?


In skins/your skin/customer/index.tpl

The code goes right before the end of the body tag ( ). The new woopra code is:

A word of advise; it's better to but this code between {literal} tags

Thank you. Got it working.

Suggest a better place to put this so it isn’t overwritten by a future upgrade as:


Clear the cache after creating the file and you’re good to go.

And yes, this MUST be in {literal} tags due to the “{}”'s unless you want to change them to {ldelim} and {rdelim}.