Without Options Combinations (Inventory) What Is Everyone Doing?

So, we found out that CS-Cart has deprecated Options Combinations for Multi-Vendor. https://docs.cs-cart.com/latest/user_guide/manage_products/options/option_combinations.html

We now don't know how to tell our vendors to track inventory on options with their products. Our marketplace is for custom and handmade items. While the "variations" addon helps with simple combinations like T-Shirts it doesn't seem suitable for any products with lots of options and inventory for each option.

Below is a good example of a product on our site that has only 3 options...all of which could have separate inventory amounts. This product has 7 "Cover" choices, 32 "Binding Thread" choices and 2 "Inside Page" choices. Each variant within the option may have it's own inventory amount. This means there is 448 Different combinations for this product.

Under the variations add-on how would this work? Does the vendor now have to create 448 products to do what they could do with 1 product before?

Did you receive a resolution to this. The user guide doesn't match the interface.

No. I have asked CS-Cart , but there are no video training materials I can find on how to use Variations. Meanwhile, all the examples I find online show variations in the context of T-Shirts which is a very simple example. When I asked CS-Cart about it they sent me this promo video which isn't helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Rb1-cCflc

I've read through the written content on their help center, but it isn't very easy to understand. I keep trying to use Variations, but it seems WAY more complicated than Options. Maybe I'm wrong and it's because I'm not using them properly...regardless we have Variations deactivated since we are unable to learn how to use them.

It's frustrating because we have created our own help center to help our vendors build their store. If I can't understand how to use Variations I am positive our vendors will struggle with it. Here's our help center: https://goimagine.helpsite.com/