How does a customer view their wishlist?

We’ve never done anything with the wishlist and just had a customer email and ask how they can view the items they placed in it.

I’ve looked at the “User Carts” in the admin section and have 50 some odd pages of “unregistered customers” with products but no names. Past posts tell me that the “user cart” and “wishlist” are two different things.

Can I assume that if a visitor added something to a wishlist but not as a registered user that there is no way for them to go back at a later time and view it?

Thank you for any insight.


Only logged in users can add products to their wish lists, so unregistered users are not able to add products to wish list.


Thank you for your reply.

I now understand that only “logged in” users may add to their wish list.

How does a “logged in” or registered user go view their wishlist after they have added to it?

I have a user ID and I logged in, placed items on my wishlist then tried to view my wishlist but cannot find it…?



There should be a wishlist link under the account options.

Tool Outfitters,

Thank youf or your response.

Forgive me…

I am unable to find any link or option regarding accounts on either the front or back end.

All I am finding is the ability to turn it on or off under Adminstration>Addons

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the view wish list would be located in your View Cart sidebox when logged in

if you modded your cart sidebox you may have deleted the code for it

I bet that is what I did…

Thanks for the responses.