WinSCP, the Best SFTP Tool

Hello All,

So far, I used FileZilla for years, which is a very good free FTP tool. However, since I use the Unix tools (which are generally more powerful than Windows) I found a successor in SFTP (S for secure).

WinSCP (SCP for Secure Copy Protocol) , using SSH (Secure Shell) which brings the best of Unix power to Windows users.

WinSCP, created and developed by Martin Prikryl, is a fully graphical tool, unlike Unix which are generally with line command. In fact, there are no equivalent graphical tools on Unix to WinSCP.

So, if you use Windows and you’re looking for a secure FTP tool, very fast, with no equivalent in freeware (and perhaps with no equivalent in commercial tools), try WinSCP.

Much more, WinSCP has powerful tools as Tar/Gzip and UnTar/Gzip, ie. it can ZIP and UnZIP files. And all this with a friendly GUI.

[SIZE=“3”]The speed difference reaches its maximum when you delete a large number of files. FileZilla takes several minutes, when WinSCP takes a few seconds.[/SIZE] :eek:

Lee Li Pop

PS: Of course, to use Secure File Transfer Protocol, and WinSCP, your web hosting company needs to allow SSH on their servers.

PPS: For command line lovers, there is PuTTY :wink: