Will Ultimate edition kill Professional?

I am just about to jump on the CS-cart trail as I am testing it right now and really like what I see.

I am coming from an Interspire Cart and what happened there was that Interspire put all development and support effort into their new project Big Commerce, basically killing Interspire Shopping Cart.

Now as the CS-Cart Ultimate edition is coming out soon, I am afraid of that same scenario.

What are you’re feelings on this ?

Is it a risk with Simbirsk, do you think they will focus all on Ultimate or will the development boost both Ultimate and other versions ?

Am I just being paranoid ?

Wouldn't worry about it. You can't compare the big commerce and interspire thing… of course interspire prefers people paying monthly. This secures their income stream…

With CS these are simply two different products but both kinda based on the same technology. One to manage one shop, and the other one to manage multiple shops. I think most people start with one shop so will buy professional much easier then ultimate.

I agree with Flow. CS Pro and CS Ultimate are much different.

I actually feel that the “ultimate” is a name that maybe should not have been used. What will their next version be called, “Ultimate, ultimate”.

Thanks for your input. I guess you are right.

It was just the fear of jumping onto the wrong project again.

Back to testing :-)

Yes, ultimate is a stupid name. It doesn’t even describe what it does, which is managing multiple shops. They should have just called it cs-cart multistore. Oh wait, they did, and then they changed it :)

@ webwatch - there are quite some people who made this switch lately… some even wrote complete how-to’s. You might want to check that out.

@Flow Thank you. Yes, I am browsing through this forum and site sucking up all info like a spounge.

Enjoying the tests and progress on my test site as it progresses.