Will 3rd party plugins work with CS-Cart Ultimate?

I know this sounds like a silly question to ask since a plugin's compatibility with the system heavily depends on how the plugin interacts with the system.

But, I'd like to know if there is a big difference between CS-Cart and CS-Cart Ultimate in terms of how plugins interact with the cart.

I'm thinking of using ShippingKit Labels, a Beanstream plugin, and Cart2Cart's migration script for Ultimate. I'm worried that they might not work…

No one will know until 3.0 is released. My bet is that some will and some won't. I would not expect an existing 3rd party addon to be distributed across the slave stores and to work properly. Also note that there may be licensing restrictions on your current addons that prevent you from using it on more than one store.

If things were going to be compatible, they would have just continued the 2.x stream and made a separate edition (like they did and called it multi-store). But they obviously ran into some restrictions so needed to make this a new release. Given that, my bet is that you should NOT count on any existing addon being a drop-in to the 3.0 Ultimate (or even 3.0 Professional) versions.

As a 3rd party developer it's going to take time to verify addon compatibility, decide which to move forward and which not as well as waiting for the first 4 or sor releases for it to stabilize and become a commercially viable product.

Just my two-cents. Be nice if cs-cart added their own opinion here.

I don't think TS was taling about version 3, as he's asking: Will 3rd party plugins work with CS-Cart Ultimate?

There is no version 2 Ultimate. There is a beta multi-store which was more of a proof of concept.

When Ultimate is released it will be version 3.

At least that's my understanding.


Yeah, CS-Cart Ultimate will be available starting from the version 3, which will use a different add-on scheme along with tons of other changes.

So, custom-made add-ons for 2.x will need some modifying to work in 3.

We will release a detailed guide on add-on migrating a bit later.


We will release a detailed guide on add-on migrating a bit later.


Can you define this in greater detail? Are we talking a week after 3.0 is released or a year?

Obviously merchants who utilize 3rd party addons want/need that functionality and not having it could preven them from moving to your most current release.

Dear tbirnseth,

The guide will be expected shortly after or even some time before the release.