Wierd visit via ODD search term in my stats

I see a visit in my stats (see below) & clicked on the refferer page. It’s a result in Google with the following result:

[COLOR=“Blue”]CS-Cart. Powerful PHP shopping cart software - Authentication[/COLOR]

Warning: parse_ini_file() [function.parse-ini-file]: Cannot open … This is a demonstration store powered by the CS-Cart shopping cart software. …

Is this anything I need to worry about? I.e. some spam searching tactic or something?

This is what’s in my stats:

Entry page: /index.php?target=auth&mode=login_form

Page title: Handmade All Natural, Scented Soy Candles - My Account

Current page: -

Page title: -

Referrer: [url]parse_ini_file() cs cart - Google'da Ara

Phrase: parse_ini_file() cs cart

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; tr; rv: Gecko/20080311 Firefox/;MEGAUPLOAD 1.0

Google crawled your website when you were experiencing errors.

I believe it being during the upgrade sequence or else you have a .manifest file under a skin that needs to be present / writable.

Don’t worry about this as it’ll change when google comes back

Ok, thanks! I was worried because I read a thread somewhere in this forum about spammers looking for “cs-cart” sites by using that in search terms, then spamming them.