Widget Usage Confusion

I have a customer who uses a theme where the layouts are all in Mode = Widget.

I'm assuming this means that the actual pages are serviced by a remote site.

The problem is that some things like the customer notes area are commented out in the html source and there is no corresponding “template” for me to edit to re-enable it.

There are also issues with things like displayed profile fields. I made a modification by adding a hook to fn_get_profile_fields() of 'get_profile_fields_post' so that I could override the default setting of show/require based on the current localization. Unfortunately, the theme doesn't seem to use the fn_get_profile_fields() function to dynamically determine what fields to show/require.

Since this is in “widget mode”, I have no ability to correct problems.

Is this a common practice among theme vendors to run in widget mode to secure their template code and/or to prevent customers from customizing themes?

If one of you front-end developers could give a brief summary of how widget mode is used in the layout, it would be greatly appreciated.

And no, there is no link to the developer on the themes page. It only says ThemeDeveloper. Don't want to publish the theme name unless/until I have a clearer understanding of what's happening.

Appreciate any insights.