Why On The Orders page are some names underlined and others are not

Always wondered but the time has come to find out!

Underlined names are registered users with a profile.



Sorry but I am non the wiser.

Does not every customer have to have a profile?

Not unregistered. Are you awake Page? :smiley:

who was that -where am i - what day is it - :slight_smile:

This x cart is great isnt it - lol

I have definitely missed you Page!!

I had forgotten what a great forum/community this was.

when I went a searching for a cart - 1966 by memory - one of the specs was that it had to have an active community since i knew that would help keep it going and I wanted to be with a cart i thought had a chance of lasting and going places. It is a tough old world out there not just for retailers but cart sellers also.

Now what I was asking was thzzz zzzz zzz

[quote name=‘Page’]when I went a searching for a cart - 1966 by memory[/QUOTE]

Um…1966? Were you by chance in a parking lot at a grocery store? :stuck_out_tongue: