Why no stock helpdesk for CS-Cart?

All e-commerce websites need a helpdesk. I think CS-Cart is really lacking on this front.

Customers need to be able to search for information about ordering, payment, privacy, etc, etc. There are information pages, but that is not in any way tied into a knowledge base.

Customers need to communicate with the support dept, but the only way to do so is email. This is very inefficient.

Modern e-commerce websites have a good helpdesk, with self help, virtual assistant, support tickets.

Its hard to use 3rd party software because it needs to be compatible with a multi-domain setup like CS-Cart Ultimate has, and it needs to be tied into orders, accounts, tracking and other CS-Cart specific things.

Not having such vital functionality costs valuable time and efficiency.

So why not offer a solution to this? I really think this should be included in CS-Cart, or even sold as an official addon like twingmo. Such functionality is well worth the investment.

i highly agree

I highly do not agree.

CS-Cart is an ECOMMERCE shopping cart, has no-one leared Joomla's or Drupals lessons?

I agree with Jesse. I don't need a helpdesk. I want a lean selling machine. My customer services requests are handled just like when I buy from any major retailer. They don't use helpdesk functionality.

E-Commerce is about sales. Sales depend upon conversion. The better your customers understand how to order and the better their questions about their orders are answered, the more your site becomes a selling machine. The stock information pages in CS-Cart do not provide a clear overview of help pages, nor a Q&A function and leave a lot of room for improvement to make it easier for customers to find answers to their questions. This would increase sales.

The contact form in CS-Cart is very basic. It saves a lot of time if staff can easily tie sales/order/product-information questions to customer accounts. Its not without reason that Simbirsk needs this as functionality itself for the sales and support of their products.

Simbirsk advertises CS-Cart as exhaustive E-commerce and Content Management. Within that context adding helpdesk functionality seems like a logical step to me.