Why News Is Not Avaliable In Version 4.3.x?


In 4.3.3. there is no more 'news' section...how can i manage this news section in 4.3.3 where i have around 100 news..

Please help...any help would be appriciated..

As I wrote you earlier, all news will be displayed in the Blog section. Why it does not suit you? Possibly some functionality is not clear for you yet

Actually i have to migrate the old data from old version in which version news section is available ....but how i migrate that data with the new blog section...When i create a blog its just create a page with its descriptions. So, that's why i asked you several times.

Please check how you can display the list of blog posts (news):


Also block layouts:



More details:



Thanks for reply...but how i migrate the all news (around 100) from old store to new versions blog...please reply as soon as possible...

The Store Import module or Upgrade Center should transfer your news automatically to blog. If the news were lost, please contact CS-Cart support team

Thanks for your reply

But i tried with store import at first...but its showing loading and loading....so we have migrated the site in the other way...but news section is not available for this version...so, its very tough for migrate the news into blog

Unfortunately there is no way to export/ import news/blog posts. So there are two ways:

- make a copy of the old store on localhost and perform store import there. Then restore corresponding tables on the live store

- transfer all news manually