Why Is The "Customers Also Bought" Block So Slow?


I've been trying to add products to my site, www.classicreplacements.com, for cross and up-selling purposes, but whenever I add them, either as a block or as a tab, they slow down the entire product page from loading by more than 7 seconds.

Anybody have an idea what I can do about this?

It looks like you have a lot of items…maybe the database is very large and it is just taking MySQL a long time to process through everything? Have you tried deleting the log files and repairing/optimizing the database to see if it can speed things up??


Thanks for your response.

I'll look into it, but why would the site generally load fine and slow down so drastically when the “also bought” products block is on if the problem is as you described?

Also I forgot to mention but I had a problem before with an add-on … it was causing some type of problem but I cannot remember what it was. But I disabled then uninstalled the add-on and then re-installed and the add-on was then working well and the problem was no longer there.