Why is it so swollen cache?


I used version 2.2.4 , I noticed the size of the folder "compiled" by (780MB)

How do I clean up this folder?

I added a picture of.

Thank you for helping.


Append ?cc to the end of your main admin url.

The main index

public_html / var / compiled

I have attached a screenshot


i use FTP and simply delete the compiled folder , same for the cache folder


wipe that folder, but still the same, then refilled at a time.

How can you prevent this problem?

The size of your page cache (compiled) is factored by the number of currencies and languages you have used along with the number of products and categories. The more pages your users access the larger the cache will grow. This is normal.

While your number is quie high, there is obviously something in your configuration (probably language settings) that is causing pages to be cached. Also if you use large numbers of filters and product features, this can cause a lot more data too.

Note that pages are not cached until they are accessed. You might want to go down a directory level into the customer folder to see where the majority of your cached pages are coming from.