Why Is Average Product Review On Category Pages Off?

I tried to post in the troubleshooting forum but I am not allowed to. I had an old account on here before with like 500 posts but forgot my password and had trouble resetting it, so I just created a new one.

Anyway, my client is operating CS-Cart 4.2.1 08407dc3262eec8c24bc5fc1a3a4fc17a0281b86 and for instance, I can take a product with an average 5-star customer review rating and preview that same product on a subcategory or category page, and it says that the average customer review rating is 1/2 star. Why?

People are asking why the rating is slow when it isn't, it's just that subcategories display the wrong rating.

Can you submit it on the bug tracker? It seems like a bug.

This issue required examination on your server. We are at your service.