Why International Community Is Overlooked While Discussing New Features?


I have a question regarding discussing new features with forum.cs-cart.com users.

Recently, I've been banned from forum.cs-cart.ru for replying in english on topics regarding new features and requirements.

The problem is that those topics appear only on russian version of the forum.


1) Right now there is a discussion on russian forum about missing options while creating promotions. I've added my guidlines and got banned


2) There is a new "Buy together" addon being developed and requirements are only collected from russian forum users (https://forum.cs-cart.ru/t/predlozheniya-po-uluchsheniyu-kombinaczij-tovara-komplekty/9381).

I've created ticket with bugs regarding this feature 3 years ago which was not resolved and I would be really interested in giving my feedback. The bug was confirmed but because of the need of the architecture change it was not resolved. It seems that now is the time to fix those problems but I have no way to be heard .

There are no corresponding forum topics regarding many important new features and international users cannot have any inpact on the development of cs-cart platform.

Below is my profile on russian forum (https://forum.cs-cart.ru/u/traviq/summary). I believe that my input to the discussion was valuable and many of my posts got many likes and some of my ideas were implemented.

I don't understand the decision of forum admins and I don't understand why non russian speaking users cannot have any voice in the discussion of the new features.

Please fix the forum and treat us equally. Create new topics when you start developing new features and value the user input even if it comes from international users.


Nice post !

I fully agree that the absense of cs-cart's interest in the community / users is a disappointment. Can't tell if it's better on the Russian version, as it seems to block Google Translate and I dont feel like translating all the individual pages manually.

However, I can understand that posting in English there is not appreciated. I wouldn't want anyone posting in Russian here either. I would suggest to use Google Translate to translate your posts to Russian and participate that way, even though it will result in some badly constructed sentences.