Why I Love Cs-Cart Fan Page

Hi friends of CS-Cart,

we have created a Fan page just because we needed to spread the love for CS-Cart and count the reasons why we love CS-Cart.

So if you too love CS-Cart or you want to know why we love CS-Cart, go on and like our new Fanpage I Love CS-Cart - Redirecting...

You can also describe why you love CS-Cart or comment on our posts if you feel like it.



This page is just for explaining why we love CS-Cart Software, not proposing new things or fixxing bugs or request for support. User Voice and Forum are a much better place for that, we just want to spread the word on CS-Cart, so if you like CS-Cart help us. ;)

CS-cart should hire you as their freelance marketing guru :)

I love cs-cart too though!

Its still got plenty of issues that need to be fixed and core problems that have been here since the beginning, but I think places like Webshopaddons and Cart-Power have done a lot to make the cart's shortcomings more bearable.

The way CS-Cart handles Promotions is the only reason I am still here.