Why doesn't my code hook work?

First I added fn_register_hooks( ‘place_order’); to my existing /my_changes/init.php file. One had already been created by cs-cart services people. Then I added the function fn_my_changes_place_order($order_id, &$action, &$order_status) in the func.php file. But it apparently never got called.

So then based on a post I saw, I created a new addons directory called post_order_synch. In that I created an init.php file with fn_register_hooks( ‘place_order’); in it. And added a func,php with the new function fn_post_order_update_place_order($order_id, &$action, &$order_status) in it. I also added the addon.xml file. The post I read said I should be able to install my addon but it never shows up in my addons list under administration.

I even added some code to write a log file when the init.php was executed and when the fn_post_order_update_place_order() was called and, nothing.

Here’s the question: Is there something that has to be run to make cs-cart know that I’ve added these things? Do I need to clear cache? What do I have to do to get a code hook to be seen and be executed?

Never mind. LIke an idiot I didn’t check to see the code was actually getting to the server. Once I fixed the file transfer problme I discovered both methods wortk fine.