Why Do Some Pages Need To Have .html At End Of Link?

Why do some pages need to have .html at end of link?

or they will 404

As they were set and can be changed in addons>seo


Thanks John!

What is the reason behind being able to enable or disable this? If I turn the .html suffix off, am I going to experience a possible rank drop or anything?

Yes, if you turn off then all your google pages that end in .html will need to be redirected 301 to the page that doesnt have .html

It is so you can decide at set up which, url structure you require.

there is probably a rewrite you can use to do it but Im unsure of it.


Is there any advantage to one over the other in terms of SEO?

no, not really, i was reading an article that I cant find now, that G disregards most usual .htm .html.etc etc

Content is king these days, Google tends to lean to targetting actual "pages" now and not just" home page" or index.

Keep your content updated and relevent to users and you will be fine. The only real reasons you could say is that

A; is it more asthetically pleasing to readers of your site.

B: if your planning on moving or changing content to some other platform etc, it may make it easier if no extensions.

Google couldnt care less

Our SEO is good and I've managed to rank up tons of products to 1st page of Google, even the 1st pos. But I'm always looking for little tips and tricks to improve it.

Have a google for terms like 'ibeats', 'earpods', iphone charger, apple headphones etc. Quite proud of the results!

sure, and all that helps, so if its working stick with it, and yes I tested

ibeats pg1 p1

earpods pg1 p5

good going

One good thing is your products are not website/category/category2/productname.html

they are website/productname.html

so that if you change category of the product seo category wont change