Why do CS Cart recommend SiteGround?

Just had my website up and running for a few weeks. It only has a handful of products and not many images (all optimized anyhow) and only about 50 visitors a day.

Received an email from SiteGround stating:

“Our recently developed in-house Website Performance Monitoring System (WPMS) has signaled that your website is constantly utilizing increasing amount of script executions.

As you know, your account is hosted on a shared hosting server and thus sharing the resources of the web server with other customers’ websites.

Your account’s CPU usage is 84 450 script executions per day. The industry standard for CPU usage of a shared account is 12 000.

SiteGround’s servers use stable hardware, as well as custom developed load-balancing monitoring system. This is why we let our accounts utilize even more CPU resources than the industry standard allows.

Unfortunately, no matter how powerful or how well optimized the server is, it is possible that one account consumes almost all server resources for a short period of time and thus causes very high load on the server. Even though the amount of CPU resources we allocate to the accounts we host is higher than the industry standard, your account’s CPU usage exceeds even our increased limit with 7 times. As a result, your website affects negatively the performance of the whole shared server and all accounts hosted on it.

As you can see from the graph, your website server resource usage is well above SiteGround’s maximum allowed per hosting account which, as we already mentioned, is much higher than the standard hosting industry normal usage. In other words - your website requires a thorough optimization and/or a more powerful hosting environment.”

The available upgrade options are $$$$s !

So, a couple of questions:

  1. Why do CS Cart recommend SiteGround when their basic hosting cannot handle the script heavy nature of CS Cart?

  2. What are my options for hosting where I won’t have these issues in the future.

    I expect to have a lot more products added to the site and more visitors per day. I do have at my disposal a brand new server (unsed) at home if that would be worth considering or is there any cost effective hosting solutions out there?

You may want to do a forum search for CyberLNC.

There are others out there, do a forum search for hosting, however seems that CyberLNC specializes in CS-Cart hosting.

WOW. One warning email from Siteground and then they shut the site down!

In between I received the following email, so assumed all would be ok:

“e are happy to announce that we now offer UNLIMITED space and traffic on all our shared hosting accounts! The new features are already available for all existing customer accounts at no extra cost.

This significant feature boost came as the natural culmination of many years of work on optimizing our servers and providing more and more space and traffic to our customers. In 2004, we started our business offering less than 1GB of space and 10GB of traffic! Over the years, we worked hard to develop our platform and optimize our systems in order to provide you with ever more resources for your websites. Now, we set the quotas as high as you can reach!

We hope that you will enjoy the account upgrades and keep growing your online presence!”

I can only assume CS Cart affiliate and recommend Siteground for kickbacks as they clearly cannot handle CS Cart Sites.

Am VERY annoyed at both CS Cart and Siteground.

Like PASafety said, CyberLNC makes these worries go away :slight_smile:

I just moved a client to there, experiencing sales up 25% so far this month… (8 days)


Give your provider a call and politely point out what you told us about use which is small.

Maybe they made a mistake? I know wishful thinking - but maybe.

Next I would let CS cart know but be sure to tell them that you are only letting them know as a courtesy so that you don’t get billed support points.

If you find that you want to go with a VPS (a step on the way to a dedicated server try wiredtree.com they have very good service. As in toll free telephone 24/7 within minutes even at the busiest of times including late nights and holidays.