Why CS-Cart?

Thank you for your feedback.

We appreciate your opinion and we will do our best to justify your confidence (and all our clients). We are pleased to be of service to you.

Also thank you for your kind remark about one of our employees, Kate.

I admit that you don’t always get an answer on the forum, but you will most of the time. There are support team members and freelance developers like myself that spend time making mods and giving advice to those who need them on the forums.

I am being handled well by Mikhail…He has been quick with replies…Their software did close my support accidently in just 4 days but they corrected this in a jiffy…Overall quick responses…I have moved from a pinnacle cart hosted solution (good cart but very slow hosting) to CS-cart licensed solution…Happy till now…And I hope I will stay that way…

Also I do hope they start a hosted solution very soon for No-brainers…Not everybody can install and maintain a Cart on servers…And they could certainly do better by adding further options to tweak the design of a skin…Like for getting a Cart Side Box on the top to move to the right side you need to go into the code.Just a checkbox in the Admin should do the trick. And their support period should be like atleast 4-6 months…

Sometimes for these nifty little things, people might stay away from buying a license …Just my 0.02$.


I ended up buying additional support. So far CS-Cart has been great. I’ve ran into a few “user error” issues , but so far the help desk has taken care of me.