Why choose Paypal Express checkout instead of cs-cart build in PP script.

Can anyone point out why it is better to integrate Express Checkout in detriment of the standard, built-in CS-Cart’s Paypal script ?

Everybody seems to add express checkout to their store but i can’t figure why. The built-in script is so easy to configure while express checkout needs a lot of technical knowledge (which i admit i don’t have :stuck_out_tongue: ) to implement.

  • The checkout flow is very “smooth” for both. I can’t see the Express Checkout flow easier. With standard cs-cart checkout the billing address is obtained from the customer’s store account credential while with express checkout, the address is obtained from the customer’s paypal account credential. In the end is the same thing.

  • The fees are the same. Paypal offers merchant fees that anyone can apply for if some criteria are met. You don’t need express checkout to have lower fees from Paypal.

  • The only thing that comes in to my mind when thinking why express checkout is better is related to “bugs” and Open (unpaid) orders. I have Open orders on a regular basis. I assume some of them are because users don’t want to finalize the transaction after all and they just want to see how the store works. At the same time i admit that some Open orders are generated by paypal redirection errors/bugs. Is Express Checkout better in lowering down the number of this errors ? Both Express Checkout and inbuilt cs-cart script use api pairing so is truly express checkout more bug-free ?

    If anyone can post their experience with this payment methods i’d appreciate it.

Nobody cares to post a comment about the express checkout vs inbuilt Paypal payment method ? :frowning:

Im not sure, but maybe one is cheaper for merchants than the other?? Is express method less clicks for the end user?

Dont know the answers but maybe it’s a reason?

Once you get to a certain volume of transactions, Paypal express is less expensive. They also claim that it is faster for the end user because once the user has a paypal account they don’t need to enter it into any cart that uses express checkout. It is also safer in that the credit card info is not stored in each individual store but only with paypal.

No need to register, fill shipping billing info. One used in paypal may be used (anonymous checkout must be enabled)

Thank you for your replies.

I have some comments too. First, express checkout is not less expensive. Paypal fees apply to each account separately depending on that account status. Any premier/business account can apply for merchant fees and depending on the montly transactions, the fees are set to a certain level. For a monthly sales of over 3000 EUR there is a 2.9% + 0.35 EUR fee on each transaction.

Also, paypal express checkout flow is not that faster compared to cs-cart’s “standard” checkout. Maybe it is way faster then many shopping carts but is not that different to cs-cart’s. Here is the flow for both:

Built-in flow:

  • Add products to cart → Checkout (using CS-Cart’s Paypal script) → Login to shopping cart (if you are not logged in already) → Redirected to Paypal where customer confirms payment (you have to login to paypal at this poitn) → return to webstore

    Paypal Express:
  • Add products to cart → Checkout with paypal express → Redirected to Paypal where you confirm payment (login to paypal) → return to webstore.

    As you can see there is only one extra step which is also not an extra burden if you want your customers to register to your webstore so you can send them newsletters, product updates, etc. And if you want to, you can enable anonymous checkout from the CS-Cart’s admin back-end making the checkout flow as fast as paypal’s express.

    As for card payment, there are no credit card details stored if you use cs-cart checkout. You pay with your credit card after you are redirected to paypal. You pay with your credit card on a Paypal server.

    Again, thank you for your replies. I thought that Paypal express is more bug-free but i can see that nobody mention this issue so i assume paypal express programming has the same amount of bugs as CS-Cart script.


If you run over $100,000 per month, paypal express is cheaper compared to 2.2%

"> $100,000.00 USD 1.9% + $0.30 USD

Merchant Rate qualification required "

That’s the rate for the merchant that sell over 100,000 no matter if they use paypal express or not. I gave an example for monthly sales over 3000.

Anybody can check and apply for merchant rules in their Paypal account without any need for a Paypal Express Checkout (check under the Fees link on any Paypal page).