Why Cant I Modify Products In Bulk Anymore?

I am the administrator for my companys website. There are other user accounts as well.One of my users is not able to edit products in bulk. For example, under his user account, in the backend of CS Cart, he selected 5 products, clicked “modify selected items” and chose “meta description” and “meta keywords”. Instead of being directed to the edit page, he got sent back to the products page he was originally on.

Before, under his account, he was able to edit close to 200 products at the same time successfully. Now, this functionality is gone for him. How can I get this functionality back and why is this happening?

Update: I told him to try it from my account. When he tried to update 70 products, it did the same thing, threw him back to the products page instead of the edit page. Then he tried updating just 3 at a time and it did the same thing again.

He's using Firefox btw.