Why Are Home Page Graphics So Crisp And Clean On Other Sites ?

I don't know anything about php and ajax and stuff.

I have noticed that sites like Volusion and BigCommerce seem so crisp and clean.

I must state here that V. & Big have lost my vote because ( unlike CS-Cart ) the

only way you can view their forums is if you have paid for their carts. Always feels

like they are hiding something. Top marks to CS-Cart in this respect.

Maybe it's the format of my main page banners ( jpeg ) or something.

I am using 3.0.6 and it has all I need. No luck going to 4x versions so I have

given up for now.

I am asking out of sheer curiosity.

What is the URL of your home page?

When creating pictures (for banners etc etc) always use 72 dpi resolution. Make sure you're pictures are in the right size.

So, determine for what space you need a picture and adjust it to the wright size, for instance 300 x 300px.

In this way you prevent a picture being scaled by the webbrowser with quality loss as a result.

Maybe this helps you.

Thanks Micro.

Wishing you well in your enterprises.