Who's Online

Is it possible to see who is online in real-time?

My new cart has been live for a few days. I’m seeing 20+ users constantly being reported on the admin page.

This doesn’t sound normal to me… What constitutes someone being counted as on-line?


In SP3 you can see more detailed on whos online.

Only if you turn on the live help module…

Where/how do you turn LH on?

As soon as I turned on Live Help, visitors dropped from 20 to 0…

Couldn’t have been a coincidence as it hadn’t dropped to 0 in 2 days.

No clue, but thanks for the insight on turning on Live Help to see who’s browsing.


[quote name=‘SWS’]Only if you turn on the live help module…[/quote]

That sucks overall, I would prefer to see a clickable ‘users online’ that leads to the current visitors

[quote name=‘MikeK’]Where/how do you turn LH on?[/quote]

1.3.4 Sp3 Only, Left hand sideboxes in admin, create a user.

To access the livehelp application in your customer file area (cs-cart.com) download, install and add the necessary user login/pass, you’ll then see live results of online customers including browser, referring url and other data.

Dumb question… What login/pass does one use to login to be a live help operator?


Which ever you prefer, you have to create a new profile prior to connecting, best to use your admin user/email and pass as it can save your ass from forgetting

I upgraded to SP3 but I cannot locate the live help in the admin section.

Do I still have to download and install the Live Help module separately or is it part of the SP3 upgrade

Ensure you DONT have the dropdown menu used in the admin as it’s only viewable if you’ve got the default admin sideboxes, it will be at the bottom right.

Im not going to be using their live help yet, however I have turned it on and removed the sidebox from main.tpl so it still shows tracking :slight_smile:

Ok, It took the CSM four times to upgrade my 1.3.4-sp2 basic cart with no mods to 1.3.4-sp3. I enabled the Live Help module and it appears on the store and the admin screen. My question is how do I make the newly configured Live Help Operatator to be online? I just want to try it out before disabling the store’s Live Help menu (SWS’s idea).

Hi Frozen Tundra,

To answer your question: …how do I make the newly configured Live Help Operatator to be online? I just want to try it out before disabling the store’s Live Help menu (SWS’s idea).

1st you need to make an operator/user so go to your CS admin scroll down to the bottom right corner to Live Help panel - note CS drop-down admin menu must be off.

2nd In Live Help panel select Manage Operators, create account, choose name and password - make sure active box is checked (ticked).

3rd On your PC desktop you should have Live Help if not down load it from CS with CS Shop Manager.

4th Open Live Help CP and enter your store path, I used [url]http://www.yourstorename/index.php[/url] now test connection and if working hit OK button.

5th Now hit connect (green box in top left corner) enter your operator name and password that you made in step 2 above.

And hey presto you are now ON AIR and ready to chat live!!



I have upgrade to SP3 and for the life of me I cannot find Live Help. When I go into the upgrade center it show that I using the current version of CS-Cart. Listed below is an image of what my menu looks like.


Make sure you have enabled it in “modules” you should then get the menu for live help.

I checked and like help is no one of the modules my upgrade mite have not been done correctly.

Zardos, I have a question I see that you seem that have gotten the upgrade to install correctly. My store is not like you an I have not do really any work yet, If I wanted to do an upgrade from a fresh install how would I do this.

If you don’t mind could you give me a quick run down?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi shazer7

What version are you using now

Try putting your version in your signature, using the “user cp” at the top of the forum, this will help others to give the right help.

I am using used SP3 but I don’t think it was install correctly. I would just like to start fresh.

I got it working I did not upload the database files

Where possible, make a backup prior to upgrading the store.

Also try to run the database updates prior to updating the store files as this will allows database to work with the store from first go, rather then have the store not find the db_tables.