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I have a client who is wanting to set up her site and have a wholesale usergroup they can sign up for which will be paid access. They can purchase 3,6, 12 month access to be in the WS usergroup. I know you can restrict items/categories to a certain usergroup but she also only wants them to have access to the files released during the time they are in the WS usergroup - she doesn't want a wholesale customer who starts in April-June to have access to the January-March club projects ( or any that came before the April-June subscription date ). Sort of like buying a monthly magazine subscription - you don't get all issues before the time you subscribed.

Is that possible? If so is an addon needed or can it be done in the default cs-cart installation?

Thanks so much

Yes, this would be custom development. To be clear, let me reiterate your requirements.

  1. Track the data a customer is approvied for specific user group(s)
  2. Where products are restricted to the user group, filter out products that were created prior to the user signing up for the group.


  1. Are users assignment to groups to be reset each time they purchase a subscription?
  2. How will you deal with gaps (user signs up for 1-2015 - 5-1025, then lapses and signs up again from 9-2015 - 3-2016, do they have access to products created between 6-2015 and 9-2015? Or just products created after 9-2015?

This would require joint requirement development so that you get exactly what your client wants. Please click the Get-A-Quote link in my signature and submit your requirements. We'll be happy to work with you to refine them and then give you a quote.

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure I'm following what you mean on question 1 - does reset have to also do with question #2?


By reset, I meant are they considered a new member of the group on that date? Or do you need their subscriptions tracked. It somewhat relates to question 2.

But in reality, this is going beyond a forum discussion. If you'd like a quote and can generate the requirements, we're happy to provide you a quote. If you want some help developing your requirements, we can provide you consulting to that end too.

The capability you request is not part of cs-cart and must be custom developed.