Wholesale Questions

Ok first is I have different sizes for wholesale than I do for retail. How do I add a different size of product that only wholesale customers can view?

How do I cange the product options prices for wholesale compared to retail?

I sell lotions and such.

So lets say I have:

Product Code of 0822w for our Royal Jelly Lotion in 2oz. size going for $3.00 wholesale

I dont offer that size to retail customers.

Product Code of 0823w for Royal Jelly Lotion in 4oz. size going for $4.50 wholesale

I do have this size for retail and wholesale but the price is of course different.

Another issue is that the item number is different for my wholesale compared to my retail… granted it usually just means we add a “w” to the end of the product code to represent wholesale but sometimes this is not the case. Can I do anything about that?