Wholesale prices tied to options

We are building a store which will be for wholesale customers only (currently). Users must register, and have their account activated by us to be able to order. Once they’ve done so, ordering is enabled, and wholsesale prices are shown.

Wholesale pricing is great for simple products, where there are no options available, or the options are things that don’t change price (color, size, etc).

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to change the wholesale price of an option that has a price modifier. Here’s a simple scenario:

  1. The product comes in two sizes, retail price for size 1 is $50, and for size 2 it’s $90. I need to have these retail prices shown pre-login, even though they can’t be purchased until login.
  2. Wholesale prices for the product is $35 for size 1, and $60 for size 2.
  3. Notice that there is not an equal dollar amount difference between wholesale and retail (that is, the spread for retail is $40 between sizes, and $30 between sizes for wholesale). This rules out using the option price modifiers as they currently exist.
  4. There appears to be no way to handle this without making a separate product for each size.

    There could be several ways to implement this, all taking membership level into account. I didn’t see any current way to do this however, but would love to be proved wrong!



    Tim Gary

    Crayhon Research, Inc

    CS-Cart 1.3.4sp3

What did you figure out regarding this, I wish to do something similar.