Wholesale memberships issue/bug for those who have upgraded from pre 2.0.9

I thought I would share this little tidbit, as I finally was able to get down to the source of the problem on our site and it may be helpful for others who accidentally did the same thing.

In the pre-2.0.9 days, when you first installed default data, there were two user groups - Not a Member and Wholesale.

The first thing that I did was rename these to ‘Bookstore Purchaser’ and ‘Parish Purchaser’ - these were the only two special groups we had.

What I did not realize was that the user group with the id of ‘1’ in the database held a special priority over other price listings when it came to calculating/viewing discounts. It acted as a sort of over-ride.

For example, if I had a book with a regular price of $19.99 and set up a Bookstore price of $11.99 and a Parish price of $13.99, the $11.99 price would show up for ALL customers.

This carried over into the upgrade scenario, where the new multiple user group model pulled over the old ids and user group descriptions intact. As a result, I was still unable to avoid having this wholesale price appear to everyone.

The solution to the problem was to go in and change the id to something non-‘1’ - I chose 10. Then I had to fix all the user group relationships to point to this new id. Once I made that modification, the wholesale prices always show up to the right customers.

So for those who are running into inconsistencies with wholesale prices appearing where they shouldn’t be, check and make sure that none of your ids are ‘1’ in the user groups table.


I’m having the same issue, upgraded from 1.3.4 to 2.0.15

Normal pricing for the product: 0.74


When a new customer signs up he gets the price 0.67 which is the price for a user group with 10% off.

These are my usergroups, none with ID 1:

usergroup_id lang_code usergroup
2 EN T
3 EN V
4 EN Administrator
8 EN Gebruikers admin
19 EN 99
12 EN NX

What am i doing wrong here?