who to USPS priority mail to limited states

We have started to use UPS mail inovations to process much of our mail. So currently I changed the names of USPS first class and the priority mail to just standard shipping. I still bill the customer first class or prioity based on weight. As I understand for using UPS mail inovations will always save me money on first class, but on priority mail the farther away the less the savings, to the point that it cost me more to use this service. We are in the St. Louis, MO so areas like chicago, kansas city , nashville we save, then father out we break even, then by the time we get to costal stateswe lose money on shipping.

So what I'd like to do is set up another priority mail shipping method just for the costal states. How can this be done with realtime shipping. If I go manual rates I would have to setup all possible states.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help,



Did not think I could stump the forum.