Who can design logo for my website?

Hi Dears,

Who can design logo with the banner for my website?



Try www.logomaker.com

try www.dmmedia.co.uk or www.pixelkid.co.uk all contact details on the site!

Check out www.odesk.com it’s where you can hire people to get your logo designed…you might be able to get away without paying tons but have professional logo created.

[quote name=‘Noman’]Try www.logomaker.com[/QUOTE]

Nice website!

Lee Li Pop

[quote name=‘technogate’]Hi Dears,

Who can design logo with the banner for my website?



This is an excellent resource for a ready made logo. They do some great work. So far, I have bought 3 of their designs. I am a very happy customer. The logo is supplied in Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI) formats and and font that goes with it. Makes it easy to adjust to suit your needs.


One good place I have used for a couple of logos is:


Here you can post what you want in a logo and then it is a competition among designers to design the logo you want. You can give feedback the whole time and let the designer know what is good or bad along the process. I just finished a competition there and had 88 design entries to choose from. The cost is o.k. I paid about $200.00 for my last logo.


Hello Brandon,

Thank you for 99designs.com :stuck_out_tongue:

The design of your website saltwatertogo.com is very nice!

Lee Li Pop

Thank you Lee Li.

The design is still work in progress, but I am pretty happy with it right now.

As for 99designs.com, I have been pretty happy with the service. I just really like to be able to post my ideas and have numerous people compete to produce a design I like. It just seems a little better than just going to one designer and only getting their ideas.


Incredible tool!


Lee Li Pop

Or if you need a cartoon mascot, check out http://www.tooncave.com