white pages after install

I'm new to cs-cart, wanted to install it and try it out to see if is better than our present solution for our customers and if so start promting and recommending it to our clients.

So I downloaded the latest version and installed it on a linux server. Installation seemed to work with no issues and seems pretty straigthforward. Followed everything to the letter, including file/directory permissions.

Soon as installation was complete the page it went to was blank. The admin (admin.php) and the index.php also are blank (white pages). Generally my experience is that is something related to a php error (assuming all the files are installed correctly and no issues on a page which this is a default installtion).

So I researched the forum and knowledgebase but nothing is clear there. Does mention some issues with particualr installations of php. We have the latest installation of php on this server which is 5.4.20

So now I am at a loss as to what the issue might be. Anyone have any ideas we can troubleshoot?

Just an update to this in case it is helpful to anyone else since I managed to get it working on my own. It is quite possible that the issue was mod_sec. When we ran the install the first time there was nothing indicating any issue with mod_sec or informing us it needed to be turned off and the install seemed to work fine until it completed and we were faced with white pages. (Generally, past experience indicates a php issue with that so that was were we were leaning). However, we attempted a complete fresh install over the old one and the install program then indicated that mod-sec had to be turned off. (which is kind of weird since there were no messages of this kind the first time we tried the install) So we turned off mod-sec and made the install and everything seems now to be working fine.

My only issue with this is that even though mod-sec isn't a perfect security program it is an important security program for our overall security scheme and too, it is a popular security program. Not being able to run the cart with it own makes me wonder why it is developed in such a way that the program is a conflict and why it isn't fixed so it can run with it on. Or, I would ask, is it only an issue with the installation?

Secondly, there is nothing in the instlal documentaiton that indicates mod-sec is a conflict and should be turned off.

Too, I can see how this potentially could pose problems or issues for someone trying to install the program the first time that does not have their own server and server access as we do and is on shared hosting or otherwise less technically savvy. Just saying is all…

We have this same problem with installation onto a shared hosting server. After we tick the 'Agree Terms & Conditions' the blank page appears and the install process goes no further. Our host provider has no support for the issue other then try a costly dedicated server option. We contacted CS-Cart directly but have had no reply!! Extremely frustrating as we already host and use three previous versions of the software without any installation errors.

It can also be a memory issue. I've cleared this out once i've increased the max_memory_limit for the processes