white border around images

on my live site there are white borders around my images. How can i remove these?

I'm seeing a tannish border. is that what you are referring to? In style.css there is a code:

img {

background-color: #FFFFFF;

border: 3px solid #EBD693;


change to border: none;

You won't really get rid of the background white in between the border and image because the cart is filling it in on top and bottom or sides so it won't distort your images to fit your thumbnail size requirement.

Border=“0” in the image code



ALT=“Image name here”



yea im actually talking about the white between the tan border and the image. But i guess if i could get rid of that tan border it would do just the same.

ok i change the border thing to none/0 and it looks better already! thanks!

Since you have lots of pictures in your site i would recomend you create a class


then go to your css file

.image_boader {



This would save you time, space and make your code more readable