White background in Category box and lines

Hi all. Ok this is my problem. I have all my categories listed and its almost 30 of them.


On the top half of the categories there is somehow a white background and its only on the top half.

I checked in Firebug in firefox and its telling me its this one in the .css

[COLOR=“Red”]sidebox-categories-wrapper .sidebox-body {styles.css (line 1000)


So i replaced the #FFFFFF with #000000 liek my site but now i dont have the lines around my category box.

ALSO i have an image in my sidebox-body maybe i need to make it longer or add something in the .css?

what i have in the css is:

[COLOR=“Red”]sidebox-body {styles.css (line 986)

background:transparent url(images/pppmod_bg.gif) no-repeat scroll left bottom;

padding:10px 11px;


Any ideas what to do please?

My site is: [URL=“adultnbeyond.com”]adultnbeyond.com

Thank You all

You need to get rid of the line




and make your image, pppmod_bg.gif, alot taller, like 1200px tall.