Which version of cs-cart for a Greek e-shop?

Hello everybody,

I am a prospect client, realy close to buying CS-Cart, as I took a “test-drive” of 2.0.6 demo, and really feels like it meets our needs.

However, I have received some comments from people more experienced than me in the internet apps domain saying that version 2.x is really a “live beta” with several problems, and not adequate support of the Greek language.

So I come to ask you what version would you suggest for a Greek e-shop and what is the official status of v 2.0.6 which is our version of choice.

Also, we are troubled now that if we follow their advice and go with v 1.3.5, we may have troubles upgrading later on, possibly s****ing some web design effort that we may have done.

Your comments on the above issues will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards


Still trying to find a good greek e-shop script?