Which Tpl Controls Order Summary Box On Checkout In V4?

We use the Avalara third-party addon to calculate real-time sales taxes.

Their code returns the tax rate as a decimal value (e.g. 0.07 not 7%). CS-Cart is displaying this as $0.07.

I changed the file / [size=4]templates / views / checkout / components / checkout_totals_info.tpl [/size][size=4]to correct this and change the description. However, this only affected the View Cart page:[/size]

But this does not change the Order Summary sidebox on Checkout.

Which template controls this box?



Thank you.

The same sales tax calculation/formatting must also be changed in:

templates / views / orders / details.tpl

mail / templates / orders / invoice.tpl

templates / views / checkout / components / checkout_totals_info.tpl