Which Ssl Do You Use For Cs-Cart?

Hi there,

I wanted to know which SSL do you use?

We would be launching our store soon and use VPS plan of hostgator. Should we use the Comodo SSL they provide for $50?

I pretty much always get the Essential SSL cert from https://www.namecheap.com/security/ssl-certificates/domain-validation.aspx I've never had a problem with them and $30 is a decent price.



Thanks for the reply Brandon. Anyways which hosting plan do you use?

Hi Brandon,

We had a conversation with Comodo, They said that for ecommerce website , instant ssl certificate[Sectigo] is suggested, because essential certificate doesn't verify the organization , it only verifies the website.

Of course they would say that. The racing stripe option on my car is necessary too for that sporty look! It's just an upsell. Yes, it gives your customers a green background in the address bar. If that's what you want, then go for it. But there is no greater security provided for your connection.

I use essential and everthing in green in 4.2.2 ;) but instant or true business is sure verifying booth domain and organizations

We use True Ev green bar and had to go through company verification

Well we found Positive SSL by Comodo and it looks quite cheap though. Any takes on that?