which is less painful? - upgrade question

So a couple years ago I had my cart professionally redesigned and got lazy and dropped off the cart maintenance map… so now I’m stuck at 2.1.4 and am thinking of upgrading to 3.0.6 (not waiting for 4.0, want to make sure it is stable and I have a big chunk of time off right now).

Is it less painful to

a) duplicate current site onto subdomain upgrade, then import, try to fix skin (not sure if current skin is even compatible)

B) start all over again with a fresh 3.0.6 on subdomain and import products, orders, etc. and reskin.



a) is less painful. :)

I would combine both. I'd copy to sub domain and upgrade to 2.2.5. Goal is to get data to an importable level (ignore skins). I would then load another sub domain with v3.0.6 and work on the templates. Then do a store import into v3 from your v2.2.5. Reversing the order would be best but since I'm on a tablet right now I don't want to retype.

It would actually be best to upgrade to 2.2.5 and then just stop right there! :) I’m very surprised Tony didn’t say this initially. :P

Well, he did say he wanted to get to V3… But yes, V2.2.5 is the most stable version of cs-cart available. But my point was more about separating the upgrade by upgrading the data to an importable level, then re-implementing the template changes rather than trying to upgrade them. So even if you stop at V2.2.5, you might find that with a custom skin, you may be best to re-do it instead of trying to upgrade it and go through all the conflict resolution.

Thanks guys! I may have to stop at 2.2.5 (yes, I need to reskin) because the store import keeps getting stuck. I was hoping for 3.0 due to addons from other companies that I really wanted. Will have to reassess my motives!

I'm in the same boat, I dropped off the upgrade map as well.

Is it still the belief that 2.2.5 is a better version than 3.0.6?

I am also considering the upgrade from 2.1.4 but really like the updated look.

Thanks in advance.


[quote name='cmund' timestamp='1388758011' post='174467']Is it still the belief that 2.2.5 is a better version than 3.0.6?[/quote]

That “belief” will vary from user to user. With that said, my “belief” is that 2.2.5 is more stable than any version after.

Thanks for your opinion!