Which is best

Hello Guys,

Just want to bring a discussion about the shopping cart packages. Firstly I love Cs cart I have been using it and developing to all my clients till date.

Recently one of my client came up to be to use “Lemonstand”. this package seems good but don't have much experience with it.

I am not happy to shift my development to new platform. (home safe home cs cart). does cs cart can take down Lemonstand or both are powerful.

HOpe there will be developers who are used up with cs cart and lemonstand package. Do suggest me the futures and pain you saw with lemonstand. Can I brain wash my customer to stay with cs cart or can I risk my step by jumping to lemonstand.

Guide me guys. I don't want to take wrong move here.


You have to have user requirements first and then compare. For me, it appears that options can not be edited in the cart. I have products with several text items. For many carts, if there was a mistake, the item would have to be deleted and done over. I looked at Lemonstand a while ago and at least at that time, it did not have this functionality. Therefore, CS-Cart meets my requirements and Lemonstand does not and was ruled out.


The customer just need normal shop. Its online cloth and fashion shop. I am spending my days in reading all documentation in lemonstand.

All experts who used both the system… Guide me here