Which Host Is THE BEST?


My own host.

Never had the site go down from memory, always upgraded, always secured, always good. I started off with the standard and am now on the advanced package. S-Combs from the forum is the guy to talk to.

PS: Their website isn’t top-notch, their server is :smiley:

I am very happy with CyberLNC and the owner is a member of this forum which helps. I used to host with a shared provider but would always have problems with intensive server functions like html catalog until I moved to CyberLNC.

I agree with Roban. I also use Cyber LNC and Scott is a lot of help and the hosting is very reliable. I also used to use shared hosting, but I had problems and switched to Cyber LNC. I have the base plan which is $9.00 or $10.00 / month and this works great for me.


From the look of things, I am 100% sure that CyberLNC is the only host that people do not have problems with in this forum. Scombs will be of great help to you if you ever have any problems with the script because he is of great help to this forum. He had rescued me several times. You will not regret using CyberLNC. Hosting cs-cart on a share hosting works but the headache out-number the savings.

I switched to Host Gator after being with Powweb for many years. Never had any issues and been running smooth since this summer :slight_smile:

Currently i’m using SiteGround. Not sure for how long though. I was using PowWeb before but switched due to the fact that they are not compatible with CS-Cart. I tried everything i could think of to get the cart working with them and never got it working. CS-Cart support (the free 30 days of support rocks) suggested i switch hosts. SiteGround has been a good host. Its not the fastest or most responsive host but they seem to very reliable. I’m happy for now. I will probably end up switching hosts when my site picks up more traffic. CyberLNC seems very popular amoung the forum peoples. :smiley:

I have been with them a while. Great 24/7 support. Very helpful and reliable service.

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I don`t do this for commission, they are really good. Good Luck:D

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Lunarpages sound interesting, more so because they support UK, one of the best UK hosts is Clook.co.uk.

One of the worst host’s ever is [COLOR=Red]SiteGround :mad:[/COLOR]

[quote name=‘zardos’]

One of the worst host’s ever is [COLOR=Red]SiteGround :mad:[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

I’ve been with SiteGround for about 3 years now and have about 12 sites there. There has never been a problem they were not able to resolve for me. Maybe it’s different in the U.K., but in the States, they are great, IMHO.

I’ve been with siteground now for a couple months and they are terrible. I have used different web hosts with various sites for 10 years and have never had one this bad. My site runs very slow and is often down. Almost on a daily basis there are moments when the site will not respond and will display an “overload” message. I have contacted them multiple times and they say they’re going to resolve it, but it’s not getting any better.

About the only thing good I can say about them is that they have fast support response. But what good is that unless you’re monitoring your own site 24 x 7 and contact support when it goes down. I would instead prefer a host that provides fast and reliable service in the first place so I don’t have to contact support or worry about my site going down when I’m not monitoring it.

i use Cyberlnc they are better cause of the amount of sites on a server is very little compared to other hosting companys plus it is a managed server i very seldom have any down time on our store which can be found here by the way they have much higher prices but they have better service

i use to be at hostmonster which i still am with the other smaller sites i have but the store is on cyberlnc

besides we average about 50- 80 hits a day

i hope this helps you find out scott at cyberlnc will help you or david one




I was having trouble with Siteground shared hosting, so I switched to paying $99 a month for a VPS solution. 1 week after switching the VPS solution, my site went down on Saturday. It is still down 2 days later and that is with a VPS solution! CAUTION, BEWARE, DO NOT HOST WITH SITEGROUND if you want a reliable environment. If I’m able to find another VPS host that supports CS-Cart, I’ll switch in a minute!

I had a vps account with www.mediatemple.net and it was very good, i would highly recommend them. It’s $50 or so aswell.

I replied to this thread back in November & zero problem with HostGator. I recently got another account for a website (non CS-cart related) and it’s been solid 24/7. If I have a question, I can call, email or submit a ticket & they are very professional about taking care of you.

Love it & I will always use them :slight_smile:

Hi everyone

I’m a relative newbie to e-commerce, my only previous experience was with a custom designed site utilising Actinic and decided that I should dive in and get to grips with something more substantial! :roll:

We’ve just started using CS-Cart and researched several hosting companies in the UK. I finally settled on using uk2.net as they replied promptly and accurately to my queries together with help from Vladimir (at CS-Cart). I have previously used their hosting for another (non e-commerce) site for 8 years and there has been virtually no down time over the period.

We decided to use their business web package which allows us to have adequate space and traffic for multiple sites. I’ve uploaded CS-Cart without any hitches at all, so far, so good. :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks and the quality of the replies from you all were very instrumental in our decison to go ahead with CS-Cart as well as the excellent pre-sales support from Valdimir. My thanks to all!

I look forward to getting to know you all and not ask too many dumb questions! I also hope hope that, in time, I can positively contribute to the community, that’s if I can! :wink:

Hi and welcome

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The DUMB questions department is exclusively and pantentedly MINE!!!


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I think you’re always going to have trouble with a shared or VPS host when your site starts to get traffic.

I would stay away from Clook- they were ok at first but when our site got traffic heavy they just pulled the plug on it - right in the middle of December - costing us tens of thousands of $ in revenue. Then they transferred us to their VPS and it was slow as hell, so in the end we ended up getting a proper dedicated server from rackspace.

It costs about 700$ a month but just keep a watch on your server load as, with all the cscart database lookups and modrewrites, you may need a dedicated box sooner than you think.