which database table for blocks-related products

Hello! I was trying to backup the products from another based to another. How do I backup the “related products” that I created for blocks?! Thank you!

The links for all the blocks are stored in the cscart_block_links table, but you will want to keep cscart_blocks, cscart_block_descriptions and this table in sync.

You can find the block_id you want by searching the ‘block’ field in cscart_block_descriptions (e.g., search block for “related” if your block is called “Related products”).

You can then use the block_id to search cscart_block_links. Product blocks will have a location of “products”. The object_id is the product and the item_ids is the linked product.

You should be able to export/import these tables using phpMyAdmin but if importing into an existing table, make sure the items above are matched up/accounted for prior to import.


ok. thanks for the direction and help.